Just as every individual has a certain level of potential, every psychic superhuman has their own level of potential in the use of telekinesis. Some characters can merely move a coin across a table while others can move mountains with their thoughts. Most tele kinetics in the film Looper could only levitate small objects, in the video game Star Wars: The Force Unleashed Starkiller could pull a Star Destroyer out of the sky, in the anime and manga Akira Tetsuo Shima could punch a hole in the moon. In my opinion, moving small objects are meaningless wizard’s tricks compared to causing mass destruction with a single thought. I am interested in characters who could utilize raw telekinetic power with destructive results because it provides more action and affects the mind of the user. To make matters even more intense, when two users of this level of telekinesis clash, the end results are unimaginably explosive. I am thinking of creating a character in my graphic novel series who could utilize telekinesis in this most extreme fashion.

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