We often see what happens when individuals possess more power than they can handle. Some people become corrupt or arrogant while not using their power responsibly. Because two of the characters in my graphic novel series can either copy or absorb the powers of other super humans, the possibility exists that they could develop superiority or god complexes the more power they gain. For obvious reasons, I am going to explore this concept through the main villain of the graphic novel series. The villain will become arrogant and greedy beyond measure and will possess a sense of extreme megalomania. As for one of the main characters, I am going to tinker with what would happen when he realizes that he will only grow stronger the more he interacts with other super humans. Will he become drunk on power like the villain or will he become afraid that his growing power could potentially harm those around him? Overall, I believe that this is going to be a complex issue to address in my graphic novel series both for the heroes and the villains.

2 thoughts on “DRUNK ON POWER”

  1. So what is the one thing that someone using power corruptly cannot face ? What is their nemesis ? I wonder. I like the idea of that individual absorbing other superhuman powers.

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