Because I am such an anime and manga fan, I am always drawn to the classics, particularly the works by Hayao Miyazaki. In this post, I will be reviewing one of my favorites: Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. The reason I enjoy this anime is because it shows the potential consequences of a post-apocalyptic world and it shows the spiritual side of human nature, which Nausicaa demonstrated when she interacted with the mutant creatures of the Toxic Jungle. It has a very interesting and imaginative vision of a post-apocalyptic future and how a girl’s innocence can save the world. I would recommend this anime to anyone who is a fan of the genre and seeks a story about hope.



Weapons of mass destruction have become a central part of warfare. In anime and manga, these weapons take on bizarre and unexpected forms, which I like better than nuclear weapons because it makes them more exotic and out of the ordinary. A prime example of these bizarre weapons are the Giant Warriors from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. These bio-mechanical weapons were capable of so much destruction that they left most of the world uninhabitable. The Giant Warriors are only one example of countless other bizarre war machines in anime and manga and their designs are not what the average person would imagine.

Similar to creators of anime and manga, I also try to think outside of the box whenever I write a story. I am thinking of developing my own bizarre weapons of mass destruction in my graphic novel series that are capable of destroying entire planets and spaceship fleets. Because the interstellar government will be on the brink of civil war with a rival faction, new methods of war will be created. For instance, even though this rival faction has a smaller military than the interstellar government, they will have a source of funding and resources that will give them superior weaponry. Therefore, their bizarre weapons of mass destruction will compensate for their numerical disadvantage. It is going to be a war unlike anything I ever imagined before and it is a war that my main characters have to prevent!



While regeneration is a relatively common superhuman ability in fiction, there is one variant that is relatively frightening. The variant in question is when the user is injured and regenerates then they are stronger than they were before and their strength continues to increase the more they’re injured. A prime example is Doomsday from DC Comics because even when Superman defeated him in a draw, Doomsday came back and could not be beaten the same way twice. Because one of the new characters in my graphic novel series has a warrior mindset, I am thinking of giving him this ability and his ability to grow stronger after each battle will make him an irreplaceable ally to the team. The scary part is that even when one of his arms has been severed, he will keep fighting, laughing manically as his maimed limb regenerates. Overall, it is a very scary concept!


I have excellent news regarding my graphic novel project. I discovered a computer program that allows one to create their own comic books. Once I have done my artwork auditions and found an artist to work with, I will organize the artwork into graphic novel format with this program. When that is done, I will seek out a suitable graphic novel publishing company and scratch one more thing off my bucket list. Wish me luck and I will keep you updated.



As a fantasy fan, I have always liked medieval weaponry, but I was focused more on swords and axes. Now that my interest has evolved, I discovered many other weapons that I found intriguing such as war hammers. I was fascinated by the war hammer’s crushing power when striking an opponent. After thinking about this weapon and futuristic technology, I wondered if a technologically advanced weapon that is similar to a war hammer could be developed. This weapon would have many times the striking power of a normal war hammer, producing a destructive shockwave on impact, which can pulverize flesh, shatter bone, and crush metal. I am thinking of giving this weapon to one of the main characters in my graphic novel series in addition to an energy shield so that he would be similar to a medieval knight. Just imagining this character swinging this weapon with his berserker personality makes me exhilarated because it would be a first round knockout every time. Such a weapon could decapitate a person and send their severed head into orbit at Mach 7 with a single swing!



As an avid science fiction fan, I was always fascinated by the idea of bio-mechanical androids. The reason for this is because traditional androids are unmistakably mechanical once you break open their human-like shells, which I find cliche. With bio-mechanical androids it is harder to distinguish them from organic beings, which makes them more intriguing than traditional androids. Examples of bio-mechnical androids can be seen in the Alien franchise, Blade Runner, and Bicentennial Man. Since robots and androids are gradually being made more indistinguishable from humans, I rather like the concept of the bio-mechanical android and wonder how this technology will advance in the distant future. With this in mind, I am thinking of including an entire race of bio-mechanical androids in my graphic novel series with one of them serving as the superhero team’s man servant.


Like many people with autism, I had difficulty speaking when I was a child. During this time, my mind was churning with complex emotions, but I did not have the ability to express them verbally. While I was making progress during my various therapy sessions, I was still developing slower than others. However, I found my voice on my own in the most unexpected and unorthodox way imaginable. Even when I was a child, I was an avid connoisseur of film and television and after paying close attention to the dialogue I started to learn words and phrases. Afterwards, I would use the words and phrases I learned from film and television when the situation was appropriate, which I seemed to have an innate understanding of. Now that I am in my late twenties, I now possess a vast arsenal of words and phrases and am able to communicate with little difficulty.



While being able to see the future is a useful ability to have, it would be even more impressive if the user had the ability to control the future itself as they see fit. In combat situations, this would allow the user to win their battles every time because they would always control the outcome. Whether if the user’s opponent attacks or defends is irrelevant because the user would be able to counter every action their foe takes. I am thinking of giving this ability to the mentor archetype in my graphic novel series and their omniscient knowledge of the future will help guide them in their quest to avert a civil war.


After talking with my godmother and writers group, I believe I may have developed the first phase of my graphic novel plan. While the script is necessary in forming the bone structure of the graphic novel, it must also include artwork for each panel. Members of my writers group and my godmother know people who are gifted artists. I will therefore coordinate with them in order to arrange a series of auditions to see whose art is best suited for the task at hand. I will keep you updated on when these auditions will occur and the end results.


I had an eventful 4th of July this year. I had a party with my family on my mother’s side, my godparents, my preschool teacher and her husband, and my best friend and his wife and child (who is my honorary nephew). It was an enjoyable experience and family togetherness always brings out the best in me. However, at night, the peaceful gathering was interrupted when my neighbors used fireworks that were big and loud (not to mention illegal). My precious pit bulls were traumatized by the noise and I seriously thought my neighbors were going to accidentally blow up my beloved house! The explosions were so loud and elaborate that it felt as though I was in the middle of a war zone. Still, even though my neighbors’ recklessness was dangerous and frightening, the whole experience gave me valuable inspiration. The reason for this is because my graphic novel series includes multiple battles using advanced weaponry. Therefore, the intensity of the explosions’ shockwaves gave me an idea of what it would be like on a war torn battlefield. Despite the unexpected surprise from my neighbors, I thoroughly enjoyed my 4th of July.