Imagine if you had the ability to perfectly imitate every combat technique after witnessing it once. You could master any martial art within moments while it would take others years to master. For instance, if you watched a movie marathon of every martial art film ever made, then you would become a grandmaster combatant within a matter of days! It is a more limited version of power mimicry, but it is still formidable under the right circumstances. I am giving this power to the smartest of the main characters in my graphic novel series and his photographic reflexes will be an extension of his superhuman intellect and mental processing. With his inhuman mind, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to write about him.



As a devout Star Wars fanatic, I am completely excited about the new film, Star Wars: Rogue One! I am thrilled about this particular Star Wars film because it will depict the theft of the Death Star plans that will set the stage for A New Hope. For those of you who read the opening crawl of A New Hope, the theft of the Death Star plans is the first major victory the Rebel Alliance gained against the Galactic Empire. Due to this, Rogue One will be when we actually see that first major victory, which makes it even more exciting. To make this film even better, a character from The Clone Wars show will make his first live action appearance: Saw Gerrera! Saw is an interesting character because at this point he will have fought the Separatists during The Clone Wars and now he is fighting the Empire during the Galactic Civil War, which gives him a considerable amount of experience as a rebel fighter. Saw Gerrera will also represent the morally ambiguous area of the film because his tactics were so extreme that it is hard to tell if he is a freedom fighter or a terrorist. Either way, I am looking forward to seeing this film and intend to see the midnight premiere just as I did with The Force Awakens! May the Force be with us!


I have reached a scene of my graphic novel series in which the main characters are given a choice. Either they accept their destiny as the new heroes of the known universe or they stand aside and let the interstellar government suffer the wrath of evil. Because of their various backgrounds, the main characters never expected to be anyone special so accepting this new role will be a serious struggle for them. Imagine if you were an average person and then one day someone thrusts the role of hero upon you. What would you do in that situation? It is going to provide a considerable amount of emotional conflict that will set the stage for the team’s journey.


While developing the character of the king in my fantasy project, I thought of what kind of person he would be in general. I am thinking he will be a healthy combination between a politician and a warrior, which would make him a strong military leader and a capable monarch who can manage the kingdom’s political affairs. As a warrior, the king will have to deal with a number of invasions from a neighboring kingdom, which I will draw inspiration from the viking invasions of England. There will be one particular invasion that will feature prominently in the novel and the king will fight this invasion when he is just a teenager. For this invasion, I will be drawing inspiration from the Battle of Stamford Bridge of 1066 A.D. Essentially, the king will have to fend off these invasions while managing his kingdom and raising his large family at the same time. Due to this, the story will further elaborate on the stress the king will endure throughout his long reign.


I did more research for my new fantasy project and I made another discovery. There are rare cases in which human beings live for more than a century. In fact, the longest lifespan on record is 122 years and 164 days. With this in mind, I wondered how much the future king would accomplish if he ruled his kingdom for that amount of time. If he lived that long, he would outlive his children and most of his grandchildren and it would be likely that he would be succeeded by either one of his great grandchildren or great great grandchildren when he eventually dies. It will be interesting to write the point of view of such an ancient king.


I am about to write the first chapter of my new fantasy project. This chapter will set the stage for the union of the future king’s parents and the end of a war that lasted a generation. Imagine a time period in which people are born, live and die in a battlefield. How does a nation recover from that kind of strain on the populace? In the aftermath of this conflict, there will be serious social and political strain as the three kingdoms try to pick up the pieces left by their predecessors. I already have several characters and their personalities planned and I look forward to introducing them.


While doing research for my new fantasy project, I discovered a page on Wikipedia that talked about people who had large broods of children. The largest brood on record is 69 children! I had an interesting idea about the future king’s family in that he would have a long and happy marriage that resulted in the production of a large brood of heirs. If the king had dozens of children, he would also have hundreds of grandchildren and just as many great grandchildren. I thought it would be interesting to see the king manage such a large family while simultaneously ruling an equally large kingdom. While the king’s bloodline would be more than secure with such a large brood, there would be a few drawbacks for having such a family. With so many heirs, the king would have to set a very clear line of succession to prevent infighting and he would have to find a way to connect with every single one of them as their patriarch.