While developing the character of the king in my fantasy project, I thought of what kind of person he would be in general. I am thinking he will be a healthy combination between a politician and a warrior, which would make him a strong military leader and a capable monarch who can manage the kingdom’s political affairs. As a warrior, the king will have to deal with a number of invasions from a neighboring kingdom, which I will draw inspiration from the viking invasions of England. There will be one particular invasion that will feature prominently in the novel and the king will fight this invasion when he is just a teenager. For this invasion, I will be drawing inspiration from the Battle of Stamford Bridge of 1066 A.D. Essentially, the king will have to fend off these invasions while managing his kingdom and raising his large family at the same time. Due to this, the story will further elaborate on the stress the king will endure throughout his long reign.


I did more research for my new fantasy project and I made another discovery. There are rare cases in which human beings live for more than a century. In fact, the longest lifespan on record is 122 years and 164 days. With this in mind, I wondered how much the future king would accomplish if he ruled his kingdom for that amount of time. If he lived that long, he would outlive his children and most of his grandchildren and it would be likely that he would be succeeded by either one of his great grandchildren or great great grandchildren when he eventually dies. It will be interesting to write the point of view of such an ancient king.


I am about to write the first chapter of my new fantasy project. This chapter will set the stage for the union of the future king’s parents and the end of a war that lasted a generation. Imagine a time period in which people are born, live and die in a battlefield. How does a nation recover from that kind of strain on the populace? In the aftermath of this conflict, there will be serious social and political strain as the three kingdoms try to pick up the pieces left by their predecessors. I already have several characters and their personalities planned and I look forward to introducing them.


While doing research for my new fantasy project, I discovered a page on Wikipedia that talked about people who had large broods of children. The largest brood on record is 69 children! I had an interesting idea about the future king’s family in that he would have a long and happy marriage that resulted in the production of a large brood of heirs. If the king had dozens of children, he would also have hundreds of grandchildren and just as many great grandchildren. I thought it would be interesting to see the king manage such a large family while simultaneously ruling an equally large kingdom. While the king’s bloodline would be more than secure with such a large brood, there would be a few drawbacks for having such a family. With so many heirs, the king would have to set a very clear line of succession to prevent infighting and he would have to find a way to connect with every single one of them as their patriarch.


I have started writing the new fantasy story for my ever-growing superhero series and I already finished writing the prelude to the story. The prelude explains the events that lead up to the story like how the world rebuilt itself after the Great Darkness and how the three kingdoms started their war. Now, I am about to write the first chapter and the tension is electric! I have planned extensively for this project and I already have a good idea of where to take it. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



I have always been a devout dragon fanatic ever since I was a child and I cannot imagine a fantasy world without them. Due to this, I am thinking of having dragons be one of the few magical creatures who survive the Great Darkness in my new fantasy story. I have a very specific idea of what a dragon would look like. I like the body of a wyvern, the beaked head of the Hungarian Horntail in Harry Potter, and the four horns of the Game of Thrones dragons. As for how their scales and temperament, I have a rather unorthodox view of what they would look like. Also, I am planning to have a dragon play a significant role with the future king in my fantasy story. I am getting excited thinking about this idea the more it evolves.



I have been consumed by creative thought today regarding the expansion of my superhero series. While I have devoted a considerable amount of effort in the development of the world of my main series, I also need to elaborate on the other worlds that exist in my universe. Tinisha Dolaira, the female lead of my main series, came from a sword and sorcery world before it was attacked by an evil known as the Great Darkness and she was banished to our world. I decided to write two stories that take place in this sword and sorcery world, one depicting Tinisha’s life before the Great Darkness and one depicting her world after the Great Darkness.

While I am interested in writing about Tinisha’s life, I am also interested in writing about what became of Tinisha’s world after she was banished. I am envision a world in which most magical creatures have been wiped out by the Great Darkness and only humans and a handful of magical creatures remain. With this in mind, I can see three kingdoms at war with one another due to an ancient feud. This story will depict how the generation-long war ends, the kingdoms unite, and the future king prepares to inherit the throne. It will be a story about the point of view of the king’s parents and the king himself from childhood to his deathbed.

In order to mold this new world created by the aftermath of the Great Darkness, I drew inspiration from the ancestral coat of arms from everyone I know. The image above is my family’s coat of arms from Ireland and it will serve as the family coat of arms of one of the major families in the story. This story will be very sentimental for me because it will allow me to reconnect with my ancestral roots and depict a world inhabited by people like my ancestors. It is going to be an exciting project; one of many I must finish in my lifetime.



I have been reading the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy and I believe I know the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke from The Force Awakens. In the Aftermath books, there was a mysterious Imperial Fleet Admiral who was secretly manipulating both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire’s remnants against one another in order to get rid of Imperials he deemed unworthy of his vision of a new Empire. I believe that all of these schemes and strategies will one day create what will become the First Order. This Fleet Admiral’s name was Gallius Rax and he was apparently a significant figure within the Empire’s ranks.

Rax was born on Jakku until he met Emperor Palpatine, who sensed something in Rax and tasked with guarding a significant spot in Jakku’s deserts. My guess is that in ancient times there may have been a Sith Temple buried underneath Jakku’s sands, which would explain why Palpatine was so interested in Jakku. At the end of the book, the Battle of Jakku, which created the wreckage seen in The Force Awakens, is about to begin. It’s possible that Rax is going to exhume whatever it was Palpatine tasked him with guarding. If Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke, it is possible the Battle of Jakku is where he received his disfigurements.

After guarding Palpatine’s site on Jakku, I believe Gallius Rax became a very close servant of the Emperor, maybe as close as Darth Vader or closer. In terms of personality, Rax is exactly like Palpatine in that he is cultured, intelligent, cold, and utterly ruthless. Rax is able to instill fear in his followers and orchestrate devastating political schemes, which is also similar to Palpatine. Because of their similarities, it is possible that Gallius Rax was something of a protege of Palpatine in a way Darth Vader never was and if Rax is Snoke, he may have acquired some dark side knowledge from Palpatine. The reason for this is because when Palpatine sensed something in Rax, it may have hinted that Rax was Force sensitive. Due to the Rule of Two, Palpatine could not train Rax as a Sith while Vader was his apprentice. However, that would not stop Palpatine would train Rax into a different kind of dark side agent like the Inquisitors. If the site on Jakku is Sith-related, then it is possible that Rax is going to Jakku to retrieve whatever dark side knowledge lurks inside before the Republic Fleet arrives. This would be the dark side knowledge that Snoke would one day pass onto Kylo Ren.

The similarities between Snoke and Rax are numerous. They both rule their governments from behind the scenes. They are both cold as ice, manipulative to a fault, and mysterious enigmas. Hopefully, we will receive confirmation that Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke in the third book in the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy. Fingers crossed!


Like many fans of Game of Thrones, I often wonder how the series is going to end. As I mentioned in my previous posts, I believe Jon Snow and Daenerys will marry in order to unite the northern and southern kingdoms and end the War of the Five Kings. After the Second Long Night, which is predicted to last ten years, I think Jon and Daenerys will focus on rebuilding their family’s hold on the Iron Throne.

If Daenerys does find a way to fix her fertility problem, I hope she and Jon have either three or five children. The reason for this is because I thought it would be a nice homage for Robert Baratheon’s alleged heirs (Joffrey, Tommen, and Myrcella) and the Stark children (Robb, Sansa, Bran, Arya, and Rickon). This would serve as a representation of Robert’s “children” if their blood wasn’t questioned and it would represent the Stark children if they all lived. In any case, if Jon and Daenerys have either number of children and they all live into adulthood then House Targaryen’s future will be secure. As for the children’s names, I think Jon and Daenerys would name the children after people they admired such as Eddard, Robb, Aemon, Daeron, Jorah, Lyanna, Rhaella, Rhaegar, Aegon, and so forth.

After their children come of age, I bet Jon and Daenerys will arrange political marriages between their children and heirs of the other Great Houses in order to better assimilate the kingdoms to the Iron Throne and Targaryen rule. Due to Jon’s Northern upbringing, he would be against incest and his marriage with Daenerys would be the last time House Targaryen performed incest, which led to their downfall the first time. In the aftermath of the War of the Five Kings and Second Long Night, a number of the original Great Houses will be replaced with new ones. For example, with the female bloodline of House Stark the only branch that can produce heirs, it is likely that House Stark will be replaced by another House just as House Gardener was replaced by House Tyrell as rulers of Highgarden. It is likely that neither Jaime or Cersei Lannister are going to survive the wars to come and no one in the Westerlands will accept Tyrion as their new lord after he killed his father. Due to this, the new Lords of Casterly Rock will be a cadet branch of the main Lannister bloodline such as their relatives in Lannisport. With House Frey’s reign collapsing and Edmure Tully disgracing himself by surrendering Riverrun, the new Lords of the Riverlands will probably one of House Tully’s vassals such as House Mallister or House Bracken. With House Baratheon extinct, the new Lords of the Stormlands will be one of their vassals such as House Connington or House Tarth. Due to House Tyrell’s bloodline severed, Olenna Tyrell’s heirs to Highgarden will probably be her next of kin, House Redwyne. Due to Ellaria Sand and the Sand Snakes being bastards, it is possible the Targaryens will legitimize them into a new Great House to serve as the rulers of Dorne.

As to how Jon and Daenerys will raise their children, I like the idea that they would raise them with a healthy balance between Stark honor and Targaryen ruthlessness. In addition,  I think Jon and Daenerys will have their own methods for allowing their children to connect with their Stark and Targaryen roots. Jon would travel with his children from King’s Landing to Winterfell in order to interact with their Northern kin. Daenerys would probably have her children hatch and raise their own dragons like the Targaryens of old. By this time, Daenerys’s dragons will definitely be breeding and after Tyrion’s history lesson about Targaryen dragons, Daenerys will let them roam free in order to remain big and strong. Because the island of Dragonstone is the only active volcano in Westeros, Daenerys’s dragons will probably make that their nesting ground. Daenerys would take her children from King’s Landing, across Blackwater Bay, to Dragonstone in order for them to choose a dragon egg so that they could raise and train them. This would kind of mirror how the Stark children raised their own direwolves and  will restore House Targaryen to its former glory!

I seriously hope that this will be the ending of the Game of Thrones series.



Due to the fact that the main villains of my graphic novel series will be based on the Seven Deadly Sins, I had a funny yet terrifying idea about the villain who will represent Sloth. Sloth is when someone wastes their potential and become lazy to a fault. With this in mind, I am thinking of making this villain sleep all the time. However, just because he is fast asleep doesn’t mean he is defenseless. I am thinking of making this character be untouchable by reflexively dodging attacks while simultaneously countering his opponents even when he is fast asleep. This would make him difficult to fight even when he is only using a small percentage of his strength. The really scary thing about this character is that when he does decide to use his full strength, his opponents won’t be able to defend against him and will be defeated by him within moments. Essentially, this character would be an invincible narcoleptic and I am thinking of having one of main character face him.