I have always been interested in the idea of a psychic being with immense telepathic and telekinetic abilities. My favorite example of a psychic being is Tetsuo from the classic anime Akira. Tetsuo’s psychic powers were so extreme that he could decimate entire cities and alter his physical structure on an atomic level. I thought it would intriguing to feature in my graphic novel series psychic powers that are capable of creating mass destruction with a single thought. When thinking about what kind of family the main character for my graphic novel series would have, I decided that one of his family members would be a powerful psychic being. Because the main character can mimic the powers of other super humans, it would make sense that the first powers he would copy would be the powers of his family. With this in mind, I find it interesting that the main character would copy the combined powers of his family.

2 thoughts on “A PSYCHIC BEING”

  1. If you can look into jessica jones of netflix, it does raise the question of psychic suggestive powers of Kilgrave.

  2. It would be rather cool if the power he would learn would be actually something dangerous and bad. Something so powerful that it is stigma rather than a gift or skill. When character is doing everything to actually forget this power. Something like erasing memories and making people mentally ill. Or reading deepest secrets.

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