I found it fascinating when an individual possesses more than one personality. In many ways, it makes me think of mitosis from biology in that the person’s mind divides and multiplies into several distinct mindsets, each one a unique spiritual life form. I had a friend who said he possessed six personalities and after recalling all of my interactions with him, I think I may have spoken to two or more of his personalities. Since I often base my superhero characters on my friends, I am thinking of basing a character in my sequel series on this particular friend. The character will also have six personalities like my friend, but I thought of adding a little twist to the character’s powers. Instead of having one set of superpowers, this character would have six, each one in the possession of each of her personalities. This would make her a versatile character in that when her personality shifts so does her power set, which can be a useful feature under the right circumstances. Also, I think such a character would add more psychological intrigue to my graphic novel series since most of my other characters have their own issues.


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