What would you get if you mixed various superhuman powers together? Would you create an unstoppable force or an unstable explosion? I have used this concept in my main series in which the Young Guardians combine their powers in order to overwhelm an opponent they cannot defeat individually. Usually, this method of fighting was a last resort because of the devastation it unleashes. I am planning to continue this concept in my graphic novel series through the main character and main villain of the series. The hero will be a power mimic while the villain will be a power absorber. As a result, both of these characters will have a vast arsenal of superhuman powers at their disposal. With the right usage, they would be able to combine several of their copied/absorbed powers together in order to overwhelm their opponents. For example, if they could use telekinesis, ice manipulation, and electricity manipulation, then they would be able to summon a powerful beam of elemental energy that would blow away most opponents. With thousands of superhuman powers our there, the combinations that can be used is literally limitless. It is an exciting concept to think about and I look forward to tinkering with it further.

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