I had a relatively sad thought for my fantasy project. Because the king would have a large brood of children, the possibility exists that some of his children and grandchildren might be unsatisfied with the current line of succession. With this in mind, I was thinking of some of the king’s children and grandchildren rebelling against the king, led by one of his sons. I thought it would fundamentally complex and emotional if the king was forced to fight his own son even if his son rebels against him. I can imagine that the king would be greatly conflicted with such a situation and must choose between the future of his kingdom or the life of his son. The real question would be how the king would cope with the consequences of his choice. I am planning to draw inspiration from the Arthurian legend of King Arthur and Mordred for this section of the fantasy project.

3 thoughts on “FATHER VS SON”

  1. Mordred had not been brought up by Arthur, a rogue son would both in the history of discord that would allow him to raise his hand against his father and the aftermath have rippling effects across the family. I hope you don’t mind my suggestions, I have a devil’s advocate sort of mind. I love so many of your ideas that I just hope to mention something that triggers your ideas and adds even greater depth. 🙂

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