Imagine if you had the ability to perfectly imitate every combat technique after witnessing it once. You could master any martial art within moments while it would take others years to master. For instance, if you watched a movie marathon of every martial art film ever made, then you would become a grandmaster combatant within a matter of days! It is a more limited version of power mimicry, but it is still formidable under the right circumstances. I am giving this power to the smartest of the main characters in my graphic novel series and his photographic reflexes will be an extension of his superhuman intellect and mental processing. With his inhuman mind, he is going to be a force to be reckoned with and I cannot wait to write about him.


  1. If he has no supermuscles, this power, (which probably actually exists in some people), still requires constant physical training (stretching, calisthenics, etc), as the ability to copy the nerve commands for a move does not necessarily mean the ability to physically accomplish that move.

    1. And because his muscles are artificial, he would not produce fatigue toxins to tire him out, which means he would keep fighting for however long it takes.

  2. What would happen if the martial art he watched was too unreal? Would pulled punches or unrealistic choreography effect him if so or not, how?

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