While developing the character of the king in my fantasy project, I thought of what kind of person he would be in general. I am thinking he will be a healthy combination between a politician and a warrior, which would make him a strong military leader and a capable monarch who can manage the kingdom’s political affairs. As a warrior, the king will have to deal with a number of invasions from a neighboring kingdom, which I will draw inspiration from the viking invasions of England. There will be one particular invasion that will feature prominently in the novel and the king will fight this invasion when he is just a teenager. For this invasion, I will be drawing inspiration from the Battle of Stamford Bridge of 1066 A.D. Essentially, the king will have to fend off these invasions while managing his kingdom and raising his large family at the same time. Due to this, the story will further elaborate on the stress the king will endure throughout his long reign.

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