I did more research for my new fantasy project and I made another discovery. There are rare cases in which human beings live for more than a century. In fact, the longest lifespan on record is 122 years and 164 days. With this in mind, I wondered how much the future king would accomplish if he ruled his kingdom for that amount of time. If he lived that long, he would outlive his children and most of his grandchildren and it would be likely that he would be succeeded by either one of his great grandchildren or great great grandchildren when he eventually dies. It will be interesting to write the point of view of such an ancient king.

3 thoughts on “AN OLD KING”

  1. Longevity often travels in families, so at least some of his children & grandchildren might be around. It opens up to fascinating possibilities with delegation of power etc. You have great ideas!

  2. That is an interesting idea. Especially considering the conflict that people may feel about a king that has ruled longer than his people have lived. Excited to see more of your creation.

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