While doing research for my new fantasy project, I discovered a page on Wikipedia that talked about people who had large broods of children. The largest brood on record is 69 children! I had an interesting idea about the future king’s family in that he would have a long and happy marriage that resulted in the production of a large brood of heirs. If the king had dozens of children, he would also have hundreds of grandchildren and just as many great grandchildren. I thought it would be interesting to see the king manage such a large family while simultaneously ruling an equally large kingdom. While the king’s bloodline would be more than secure with such a large brood, there would be a few drawbacks for having such a family. With so many heirs, the king would have to set a very clear line of succession to prevent infighting and he would have to find a way to connect with every single one of them as their patriarch.

3 thoughts on “A KING’S HEIRS”

  1. an interesting topic to ponder upon. how would the king decide who is to rule after him? it would perhaps be very likely for the families to start a war within themselves.

  2. This is a good concept with a lot of potential. It reminds me of Genghis Kahn. I did some research on him for a project of my own and learn pretty much most of the world is in some way related to him. I hope you keep updates. You have my interest.

  3. Traditionally successful large families delegate some of the parenting/nurturing to the older kids fostering close bonds amongst the siblings.

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