I have been consumed by creative thought today regarding the expansion of my superhero series. While I have devoted a considerable amount of effort in the development of the world of my main series, I also need to elaborate on the other worlds that exist in my universe. Tinisha Dolaira, the female lead of my main series, came from a sword and sorcery world before it was attacked by an evil known as the Great Darkness and she was banished to our world. I decided to write two stories that take place in this sword and sorcery world, one depicting Tinisha’s life before the Great Darkness and one depicting her world after the Great Darkness.

While I am interested in writing about Tinisha’s life, I am also interested in writing about what became of Tinisha’s world after she was banished. I am envision a world in which most magical creatures have been wiped out by the Great Darkness and only humans and a handful of magical creatures remain. With this in mind, I can see three kingdoms at war with one another due to an ancient feud. This story will depict how the generation-long war ends, the kingdoms unite, and the future king prepares to inherit the throne. It will be a story about the point of view of the king’s parents and the king himself from childhood to his deathbed.

In order to mold this new world created by the aftermath of the Great Darkness, I drew inspiration from the ancestral coat of arms from everyone I know. The image above is my family’s coat of arms from Ireland and it will serve as the family coat of arms of one of the major families in the story. This story will be very sentimental for me because it will allow me to reconnect with my ancestral roots and depict a world inhabited by people like my ancestors. It is going to be an exciting project; one of many I must finish in my lifetime.


  1. Very exciting project! I like the idea of using your ancestral COA. Our stories become our extended family, so in essence, you’re combining the fantasy bloodlines with your actual family lines, aren’t you?!

    That’s the next best thing to living in a dreamworld…a world that I will hope I may visit one day 😊

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