I have always been a devout dragon fanatic ever since I was a child and I cannot imagine a fantasy world without them. Due to this, I am thinking of having dragons be one of the few magical creatures who survive the Great Darkness in my new fantasy story. I have a very specific idea of what a dragon would look like. I like the body of a wyvern, the beaked head of the Hungarian Horntail in Harry Potter, and the four horns of the Game of Thrones dragons. As for how their scales and temperament, I have a rather unorthodox view of what they would look like. Also, I am planning to have a dragon play a significant role with the future king in my fantasy story. I am getting excited thinking about this idea the more it evolves.

9 thoughts on “INSPIRATION: DRAGONS”

  1. Dragons are so often overlooked as nothing more than a beast of burden or the personification of evil. That was one of the reasons I wrote my novels with the Dragon as a central pin.

  2. I love dragons. Such an interesting mythological figure and eclectic source of inspiration. After living in China I can’t help but thing of the snake like dragons writhing through the air. But then again too much D and D brings me back to straight up terror at their breath weapon and intellect. I’m rambling. Point is, I like your idea for what they would look like. Cool combination! I need to write a dragon story one of these days on my blog!

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