I have been reading the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy and I believe I know the identity of Supreme Leader Snoke from The Force Awakens. In the Aftermath books, there was a mysterious Imperial Fleet Admiral who was secretly manipulating both the New Republic and the Galactic Empire’s remnants against one another in order to get rid of Imperials he deemed unworthy of his vision of a new Empire. I believe that all of these schemes and strategies will one day create what will become the First Order. This Fleet Admiral’s name was Gallius Rax and he was apparently a significant figure within the Empire’s ranks.

Rax was born on Jakku until he met Emperor Palpatine, who sensed something in Rax and tasked with guarding a significant spot in Jakku’s deserts. My guess is that in ancient times there may have been a Sith Temple buried underneath Jakku’s sands, which would explain why Palpatine was so interested in Jakku. At the end of the book, the Battle of Jakku, which created the wreckage seen in The Force Awakens, is about to begin. It’s possible that Rax is going to exhume whatever it was Palpatine tasked him with guarding. If Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke, it is possible the Battle of Jakku is where he received his disfigurements.

After guarding Palpatine’s site on Jakku, I believe Gallius Rax became a very close servant of the Emperor, maybe as close as Darth Vader or closer. In terms of personality, Rax is exactly like Palpatine in that he is cultured, intelligent, cold, and utterly ruthless. Rax is able to instill fear in his followers and orchestrate devastating political schemes, which is also similar to Palpatine. Because of their similarities, it is possible that Gallius Rax was something of a protege of Palpatine in a way Darth Vader never was and if Rax is Snoke, he may have acquired some dark side knowledge from Palpatine. The reason for this is because when Palpatine sensed something in Rax, it may have hinted that Rax was Force sensitive. Due to the Rule of Two, Palpatine could not train Rax as a Sith while Vader was his apprentice. However, that would not stop Palpatine would train Rax into a different kind of dark side agent like the Inquisitors. If the site on Jakku is Sith-related, then it is possible that Rax is going to Jakku to retrieve whatever dark side knowledge lurks inside before the Republic Fleet arrives. This would be the dark side knowledge that Snoke would one day pass onto Kylo Ren.

The similarities between Snoke and Rax are numerous. They both rule their governments from behind the scenes. They are both cold as ice, manipulative to a fault, and mysterious enigmas. Hopefully, we will receive confirmation that Fleet Admiral Gallius Rax is Supreme Leader Snoke in the third book in the Star Wars Aftermath Trilogy. Fingers crossed!


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