Due to the fact that the main villains of my graphic novel series will be based on the Seven Deadly Sins, I had a funny yet terrifying idea about the villain who will represent Sloth. Sloth is when someone wastes their potential and become lazy to a fault. With this in mind, I am thinking of making this villain sleep all the time. However, just because he is fast asleep doesn’t mean he is defenseless. I am thinking of making this character be untouchable by reflexively dodging attacks while simultaneously countering his opponents even when he is fast asleep. This would make him difficult to fight even when he is only using a small percentage of his strength. The really scary thing about this character is that when he does decide to use his full strength, his opponents won’t be able to defend against him and will be defeated by him within moments. Essentially, this character would be an invincible narcoleptic and I am thinking of having one of main character face him.



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