Weapons of mass destruction have become a central part of warfare. In anime and manga, these weapons take on bizarre and unexpected forms, which I like better than nuclear weapons because it makes them more exotic and out of the ordinary. A prime example of these bizarre weapons are the Giant Warriors from Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind. These bio-mechanical weapons were capable of so much destruction that they left most of the world uninhabitable. The Giant Warriors are only one example of countless other bizarre war machines in anime and manga and their designs are not what the average person would imagine.

Similar to creators of anime and manga, I also try to think outside of the box whenever I write a story. I am thinking of developing my own bizarre weapons of mass destruction in my graphic novel series that are capable of destroying entire planets and spaceship fleets. Because the interstellar government will be on the brink of civil war with a rival faction, new methods of war will be created. For instance, even though this rival faction has a smaller military than the interstellar government, they will have a source of funding and resources that will give them superior weaponry. Therefore, their bizarre weapons of mass destruction will compensate for their numerical disadvantage. It is going to be a war unlike anything I ever imagined before and it is a war that my main characters have to prevent!


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