As a fantasy fan, I have always liked medieval weaponry, but I was focused more on swords and axes. Now that my interest has evolved, I discovered many other weapons that I found intriguing such as war hammers. I was fascinated by the war hammer’s crushing power when striking an opponent. After thinking about this weapon and futuristic technology, I wondered if a technologically advanced weapon that is similar to a war hammer could be developed. This weapon would have many times the striking power of a normal war hammer, producing a destructive shockwave on impact, which can pulverize flesh, shatter bone, and crush metal. I am thinking of giving this weapon to one of the main characters in my graphic novel series in addition to an energy shield so that he would be similar to a medieval knight. Just imagining this character swinging this weapon with his berserker personality makes me exhilarated because it would be a first round knockout every time. Such a weapon could decapitate a person and send their severed head into orbit at Mach 7 with a single swing!



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