While being able to see the future is a useful ability to have, it would be even more impressive if the user had the ability to control the future itself as they see fit. In combat situations, this would allow the user to win their battles every time because they would always control the outcome. Whether if the user’s opponent attacks or defends is irrelevant because the user would be able to counter every action their foe takes. I am thinking of giving this ability to the mentor archetype in my graphic novel series and their omniscient knowledge of the future will help guide them in their quest to avert a civil war.



    1. Yes. And you would win every time. The mentor archetype I am creating will solely have future manipulation and no other powers to back it up. Essentially, they will be like a normal human, but they cannot be beaten in combat situations.

    1. It is not omnipotence in my graphic novel series. Even though the mentor character I am creating can see every conceivable future simultaneously, they can only manipulate the future in combat situations.

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