Like many people with autism, I had difficulty speaking when I was a child. During this time, my mind was churning with complex emotions, but I did not have the ability to express them verbally. While I was making progress during my various therapy sessions, I was still developing slower than others. However, I found my voice on my own in the most unexpected and unorthodox way imaginable. Even when I was a child, I was an avid connoisseur of film and television and after paying close attention to the dialogue I started to learn words and phrases. Afterwards, I would use the words and phrases I learned from film and television when the situation was appropriate, which I seemed to have an innate understanding of. Now that I am in my late twenties, I now possess a vast arsenal of words and phrases and am able to communicate with little difficulty.

2 thoughts on “HOW I LEARNED HOW TO SPEAK”

  1. All of us have our quirks. My brother didn’t speak until he was four years old. My parents and I thought he was odd but he was still ours. He must have been doing an awful lot of listening because when he did finally speak, he sounded like an over educated four-year-old. I was a stutterer, still am when upset.

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