I had an eventful 4th of July this year. I had a party with my family on my mother’s side, my godparents, my preschool teacher and her husband, and my best friend and his wife and child (who is my honorary nephew). It was an enjoyable experience and family togetherness always brings out the best in me. However, at night, the peaceful gathering was interrupted when my neighbors used fireworks that were big and loud (not to mention illegal). My precious pit bulls were traumatized by the noise and I seriously thought my neighbors were going to accidentally blow up my beloved house! The explosions were so loud and elaborate that it felt as though I was in the middle of a war zone. Still, even though my neighbors’ recklessness was dangerous and frightening, the whole experience gave me valuable inspiration. The reason for this is because my graphic novel series includes multiple battles using advanced weaponry. Therefore, the intensity of the explosions’ shockwaves gave me an idea of what it would be like on a war torn battlefield. Despite the unexpected surprise from my neighbors, I thoroughly enjoyed my 4th of July.


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