I just had an enjoyable fantasy that I want to happen next season on Game of Thrones. In Westeros, there is a song called The Rains of Castamere, which immortalized Tywin Lannister exterminating a rebellious House. It was this song that symbolized why House Lannister was a family to be feared and was the signal that triggered the Red Wedding. When Daenerys backs the Lannisters into a corner, I hope she has musicians sing and play this song as her armies stand at King’s Landing’s gates. The reason for this is because this song symbolized the infamy of House Lannister so it is only fitting that it would be used in a mocking manner to symbolize House Lannister’s downfall. This would be a useful form of psychological warfare and it would unnerve the surviving Lannister armies just before Daenerys’s dragons strike.


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