As I continue to develop my graphic novel script, I start to realize how complex this new frontier is. I am familiar with how novels and normal books work and how to produce them, but creating a graphic novel is uncharted territory. With this in mind, I realize that even though I am working up a storm with my graphic novel script the final product won’t be out for a good long while. Writing the script is only part of this new endeavor and I will also need to investigate what kinds of editors and publishing companies can be trusted and which ones cannot. I will therefore communicate with my Creative Writing instructors at Concordia University and see if they have any information regarding this ambitious project. My ultimate goal remains unchanged. I wish to share my work through all kinds of fields from film, graphic novels, e-books, and regular novels. The road is infinitesimally long, but if I play my cards right the rewards will be worthwhile. Fingers crossed and I will keep you updated on any further developments.



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