By definition, a sociopath is someone who feels no regret for what they have done. With this in mind, I am thinking of making one of the main characters of my graphic novel series a sociopath. The reason for this is because even though emotions are part of our nature as human beings, they can sometimes cloud our judgment and make us work less efficiently as sentient beings. Therefore, I wonder what it would be like for this character to have a superhuman intellect but have no emotions to cloud his judgment. This would allow him to think and act with absolute efficiency, but he will feel no regret or connections with anyone. For example, if a situation arises in which a supervillain needs to be stopped, this character would kill the supervillain because in his mind that is the only way to permanently stop the supervillain and he would feel no regret for murdering him. This would make the character a psychologically complex because one of the subplots will involve him learning to develop his own emotions.



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