I had an interesting thought about how to further develop the main characters of my graphic novel series. I am thinking of making some of the characters anti-heroes instead of traditional heroes since several of them suffer from psychological issues. Because the Young Guardians as an organization would be disbanded, their ideology that maintained their moral compass would be swept away. Without that ideology to keep them in check, the main characters will perform acts that their predecessors would never do such as committing murder. Here are the general psychological profiles of the characters so far: one is emotional withdrawn, one is an emotionless sociopath, one is a bloodthirsty berserker, one is a naive girl scout, and one is n arrogant hotshot. This is the most psychologically diverse group of characters I ever created and I look forward to experiment with their interactions.



  1. This is just a thought for you. You’re more than welcome to throw it in the nearest lake.

    Anyway… how would it be if a couple with the “bad” psychological problems still be heroes who have to battle their inner demons while trying to fight the bad guys? And that girl scout… make her a trouble maker.

    As I said, just a thought. I know your mind is racing and whirling at lightning speed and you need to be sure this is completely your baby.

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