I thought of a rather unique power recently that has appeared in many works of fiction: power augmentation. This is the ability to enhance the powers of others or oneself to even greater levels. For example, if you have super speed and you come in contact with someone who can augment powers, then you would become faster than time itself. Another example is if you have telepathy and you come in contact with this individual, then you would be able to read the thoughts of everyone for miles. If the user of this ability has other powers, then they can enhance them in order to make themselves even more formidable towards their enemies. This ability would be a great way for a supervillain to gain the loyalty of other super humans, which would give them an easy way to assemble a powerful army. With this in mind, I am thinking of adding this ability to the growing arsenal of the main supervillain in my sequel series. Just thinking about how he will use this is terrifying.


I recently saw a video on Youtube about a group of college boys conducting an experiment that involved mixing together different kinds of fart spray with skunk spray. The smell was so super-powerful that their gas masks were of little use. In addition, when they put the finished product, they put it into a secure container, but the smell leaked out of the secure container and spread throughout the office building, taking several days to dissipate.

After seeing how this mixture would be used as part of a prank, I wondered if such a thing could be weaponized. What if there was a weapon that had a smell so powerful that all who smelled it died instantly? With this in mind, I am thinking of applying this idea to a supervillain in my sequel series.

This whole idea reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I told stories through pictures in yellow tablets. In one such work, I depicted a skunk-themed supervillain. At the time because I was just a kid, I did not consider the possibility that a smelly weapon could be used as a murder weapon. Now, I get to revive this character in my sequel series and use the full potency of his smell-based weaponry.


Here is a sample from one of my short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“When night fell, Vogan found himself sitting inside of a large opera house that was positioned in the middle of Venice. The building was modeled after an ancient gladiatorial arena with candles lighting the aisles. At the center of the theatre, an orchestra played music that warmed the souls of the attendants, while actors were portraying an opera based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

As he observed the play, Vogan was experiencing complex emotions that throbbed within every fiber of his being. Since it was first invented, Vogan had always felt a passion for the arts. It was one of the positive aspects of human culture that Vogan identified. Due to being as old as human civilization itself, Vogan witnessed the creation of countless forms of art, ranging from paintings, plays, and sculptures, among other things.

Whenever his duties with the Black Pantheon were not needed, Vogan would indulge in experiencing these wonders. However, a deep sadness crept into his mind whenever he considered the possibility of all that beauty and elegance disappearing forever. With this thought in mind, Vogan was determined to save every piece of art he could as part of his plan.

Returning his attention to the opera, Vogan felt a connection with the protagonist, Dante. They were both men who cared so deeply for the women they love that they would move heaven and earth for them. In Vogan’s mind, Katorra had always been his personal Beatrice. At the thought of this, Vogan’s mind drifted to the distant past once more . . .”



We are now two episodes away from winter in Game of Thrones and I have a chilling feeling about how the White Walkers will get through the Wall. In the episode “The Door”, the White Walker leader known as the Night King branded Bran Stark with dark magic, which allowed him to bypass the magic that defended the three-eyed raven’s cave. Since the Wall may have been made by the same magic that defended the three-eyed raven’s cave, it is possible that the Night King has essentially turned Bran Stark into their key to the south. If this is the case, then Bran will unwittingly negate the Wall’s only real defenses, making it easier for the White Walkers to breach it. I guess we will find out sometime this season. Winter is almost here!