Ever since I started watching and reading Game of Thrones, I have been head-over-heels in love with Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen. I have long waited for her to cross the Narrow Sea and reconquer the Seven Kingdoms with fire and blood. Since George R. R. Martin has fallen behind on the books, I will have to make do with the show for now. After watching Daenerys unleash her full power on the invading slavers in the latest episode, I look forward to the moment when she lands on ¬†Westeros’s shores and brings her dragons and legions.

After watching Daenerys’s progress throughout the series, I have calculated just how large her army is. After sacking Astapor, she acquired an army of over 8,000 Unsullied infantry. After sacking Yunkai, she acquired the allegiance of 2,000 mercenaries. In this season, she gained the loyalty of over 100,000 Dothraki warriors. After defeating the slavers once and for all, she acquired an armada of at least 200 ships armed with siege weapons and then gained 100 ships from the Iron Fleet. Since each ship requires a crew of 100 men to operate, this adds at least 30,000 men to Daenerys’s army. This gives her a grand total of at least 140,000 men in her army! That is more than the current combined numbers of the Lannisters and Tyrells. In addition, Daenerys’s dragons, Drogon, Viserion, and Rhaegal are now fully grown and each a living weapon of mass destruction.

Still, despite having one of the largest and most powerful armies in the known world, Daenerys still has to think about the hundreds of thousands of slaves she freed. The slavers may be defeated for now, but the possibility exists that they will return once she crosses the sea. People like the slavers don’t change and as long as the freedmen are on Essos’s shores, they will always be in danger of being enslaved again. There is only one place in the known world where they would be safe from slavery forever: Westeros, where slavery is banned. Hopefully, Daenerys has enough ships to carry both her army and her freedmen followers. In Westeros, her freedmen can start again without fear of slavery.

Then there are the Red Priests who were spreading propaganda about her throughout Meereen. Because they believe she is the Prince Who Was Promised, they would be bound to serve her wherever she goes. This would be like Stannis Baratheon and Melisandre, but on a much larger scale. We all saw how much damage one Red Priest could do through Melisandre. Imagine the entire Lord of Light religion following Daenerys to Westeros. That is going to greatly complicate things with the Sparrows and Faith Militant in King’s Landing.

Also, word of Daenerys’s final victory over the slavers will spread throughout the known world, eventually reaching Westeros. When that happens, the lords of the Seven Kingdoms will panic while Targaryen loyalists will gather around her when she lands.

I have only one concern about Daenerys Targaryen. While it is true she has gained so much power and influence, she is lacking the one thing every ruler must have: an heir. Unless Daenerys finds a way to produce an heir to carry on her legacy and name, House Targaryen will die with her and everything she built will fall apart. I hope she does and House Targaryen’s future will be secure.

Overall, I look forward to the day when Daenerys Targaryen crosses the Narrow Sea and begins her conquest of the Seven Kingdoms. Long may she reign!


I have finished writing at least two or three issues of my graphic novel script! The stage is set and the heroes are about to be recruited for the wars to come. The supervillains who represent the Seven Deadly Sins have been awakened and set their sights on the new world that replaced the old one. The interstellar government is on the brink of civil war! Overall, the script is developing nicely and the words are flowing like a river. I will keep you updated on any further developments.



Of all the locations I have visited, I feel most at home in a comic book shop. The reason for this is because it has all of my favorite genres all in one location. I visit my local comic book shop once a week to buy the latest issues of my favorite stories from Star Wars to Marvel to DC. Also, whenever I visit a comic book shop, I am surrounded by people who understand what the heck I am talking about. After seeing so many stories attaining prestige on the shelves of comic book shops, I hope that my stories will one day join them. Fingers crossed!



I go to sleep in an extremely happy mood after watching the latest episode of Game of Thrones for a variety of different reasons. A lot of bad people died in this episode from the slavers of Slaver’s Bay to Ramsay Snow, which is something you do not get often on Game of Thrones. I have seen bad people getting away with whatever sin they wanted so many times that I just wanted the good guys to win for a change.

In Meereen, Daenerys Stormborn of House Targaryen unleashed her full power upon the invading slavers, possessing more than four times their numbers and three full grown dragons! After being so greatly crushed and humiliated, the slavers will fear her name for generations to come! In addition, word of Daenerys’s decisive victory in Meereen will spread across the Known World and the lords of the Seven Kingdoms will come to fear and respect her when she crosses the Narrow Sea. Now that Theon and Yara Grejoy have joined Daenerys’s cause and she captured what remained of the slaver’s fleet, she now has the means to transport her legions across the sea and reconquer the Seven Kingdoms! My only concern is whether or not she has enough ships. Other than that, I look forward to her invasion of fire and blood!

As for the North, I am completely pleased that House Stark actually won something because I hate it when bad things happen to good people. Now their family has been avenged with the extinction of House Bolton and death of Ramsay Snow. I have imagined Ramsay’s death for so many years so it feels great to finally have some closure. The Bolton banners hanging around Winterfell were such complete eyesores that it is soothing to see the Stark banners hanging from Winterfell and House Stark back where they belong.



If the planet is dying, would you allow the human race to die out or would you do something to prevent it? The death of a planet is unavoidable even without pollution and global warming so inevitably humanity would need to seek another planet to colonize. In order to achieve this, we would have to build a giant space habitat that would sustain a select group of people during their journey to another planet. In the aftermath of their final battle against Vogan, the Young Guardians will be in a similar situation as they and the surviving humans and neohumans flee the dying Earth, which will set the stage for the world of my sequel series. In order to create such a ship, there are several elements that must be applied to it in order to guarantee the survival of its occupants, which I will address in future posts.



Another superhuman power is the ability to bestow powers to other people. The effects of this power can be either permanent or temporary depending on what interpretation is being used, but the general idea is always the same. Like power augmentation, this ability can be used by a supervillain to recruit minions to their cause. The reason for this is because it would make the user’s targets addicted to the power they are granted and would crave more if it means serving the supervillain in question. On the other hand, it could be a useful tool for a superhero to gather allies in their war against evil. I am thinking of giving this power to the main supervillain in my sequel series.