My mind is consumed with various thoughts and predictions about what we could expect from next season of Game of Thrones. This post will revolve around how Daenerys’s conquest will unfold when she lands. As I mentioned in my previous post, Daenerys now controls an army that is at least a quarter million strong, consisting of her Dothraki, Unsullied, the armies of House Tyrell, Dorne, and half the Iron Islands as well as three full grown dragons. She now commands more soldiers than the Starks and the Lannisters combined. With those numbers, resources, and dragons, no one would be stupid enough to challenge her (except Cersei).

As for where she would land, I hope she does not land in the Stormlands because the storms will rip her fleet apart. It would be preferable for her to land in Dorne because it is an ally and the closest kingdom from her current location. Daenerys should rendezvous with the Sand Snakes to integrate the Dornish armies and resources to her legions. Then move northwest to the Reach to meet up with House Tyrell to add their armies and resources to her own. Once Daenerys consolidates her control over Dorne and the Reach, then she would be ready to march north.

The regions that would be the easiest for Daenerys to conquer would be the Riverlands and the Stormlands. The Riverlands were already in a chaotic state when House Frey took over, but with Walder Frey dead it will become even more chaotic. The reason for this is because Walder Frey had so many children and grandchildren that he never set a clear line of succession so the Freys are going to tear themselves apart as they fight over who will take over their family. With no stable leadership, the Riverlands will easily fall to Daenerys’s legions. The Stormlands were the lands of House Baratheon, which is now extinct. In addition, the Stormlands’ military was lost both in the Battle of Blackwater and the first Battle of Winterfell. With no leadership or military to protect it, the Stormlands will also fall to Daenerys with ease.

The only regions that would put up any resistance are the Westerlands and Crownlands. The Westerlands are the territory of House Lannister, but its defenses will be relatively lax because it was weakened throughout the War of the Five Kings and the loss of House Tyrell’s support. The Crownlands is where King’s Landing is and since House Tyrell withdrew its support, the people of King’s Landing will be starving and weak and taking the city will be a relatively easy task for Daenerys. In either the Westerlands or the Crownlands, Daenerys will be able to wipe out Lannister forces in droves with her overwhelming numbers attacking from the land, her fleet attacking from the sea, and her dragons attacking from the air.

After Daenerys secures central Westeros, she will turn her attention to the Iron Islands to keep her promise to Yara Greyjoy. By this time, Euron Greyjoy will have completed his new Iron Fleet. Whether if the new Iron Fleet will be as big as Daenerys’s seems unlikely due to the Iron Islands’ limited natural resources. But if it is, it will be of little consequence because Daenerys’s dragons can incinerate it without breaking a sweat. This will secure the Iron Islands and make it an ally to Daenerys’s empire under Yara Greyjoy’s leadership.

All that would remain would be the North and the Vale, which have been reorganized into the newly resurrected Kingdom of the North. Even though House Stark has rebuilt its military with the aid of the Vale with an army of around 26,000 men, they don’t have the numbers or resources to resist Daenerys. After she secures southern Westeros, the Starks’ only options are either be conquered, swear fealty to Daenerys, or arrange a political marriage between Queen Daenerys and King Jon. Knowing the Starks, they would not risk the lives of their countrymen, but they would also try to defend their kingdom’s newly found independence. Therefore, their only real option is for Jon Snow to marry Daenerys, which would allow her to secure northern Westeros without bloodshed. Because Tyrion Lannister was sympathetic towards Sansa Stark, Jon Snow, and Bran Stark, he would probably persuade Daenerys to be gentle with House Stark. It would also be all the more fitting since Jon Snow is really her nephew and House Targaryen would be whole again.

Overall, I expect to see a virtually one-sided massacre next season when Daenerys lands. It is going to be juicy!


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