I was very satisfied with the season finale of Game of Thrones Season 6 for a variety of different reasons. To begin with, Cersei Lannister’s wildfire plot has pretty much destroyed House Lannister’s reputation and future. The reason for this is because her plot annihilated House Tyrell’s line of succession, leaving Olenna Tyrell the sole survivor of her House. Due to this, House Lannister’s hold on the Iron Throne is hanging by a thread with the loss of House Tyrell’s support. At the start of the War of the Five Kings, House Lannister had an army of 60,000, but after several defeats at the hands of House Stark, their army is now about half that. With House Tyrell’s support, House Lannister’s army was increased by 100,000 strong. Now, without House Tyrell’s support, House Lannister’s army is severely weakened to just 30,000 men, the Tyrell’s money is gone so they can’t pay back the Iron Bank anymore which will cause economic chaos, and without House Tyrell’s support there will be famine in King’s Landing. With hunger and hatred from the wildfire plot spreading, House Lannister will not have the numbers or resources to survive an uprising.

Cersei’s children were always the lynchpin to her humanity, but now they are all gone. Due to this, Cersei is going to get far worse next season, which will compel more of the Seven Kingdoms to rebel against her. She is very much like her son Joffrey in that she is politically incompetent, easily controlled by her emotions, and slightly insane. Her rule won’t last long especially with the odds that are stacked against her. When Jaime finds out about the full details of the wildfire plot, it is likely he will kill Cersei for what she has done to their family and son.

I am pleased that we got confirmation about Jon Snow’s parentage in that he is the son of Lyanna Stark and possibly Rhaegar Targaryen. If Lyanna did not love Rhaegar, she would not have begged Ned Stark to protect Jon Snow and if Jon was truly a bastard, Rhaegar would not have assigned two of the best Kingsguard to protect him. With these facts, Jon Snow is neither a bastard nor a Stark, but a true born Targaryen with a stronger claim to the throne than Daenerys, the true King of the Iron Throne. The Starks are going to be surprised when Bran reveals that the true King of the Seven Kingdoms has been living with them all this time. Now that Jon is the new King in the North, he is one step closer to becoming what he was born to be. I just hope he does better than Robb Stark. Since Daenerys will be looking for a political marriage when she lands, Jon is the only eligible choice available to her and Tyrion will vouch for Jon.

I am very pleased that Walder Frey is dead and Robb Stark is finally avenged! It was only fitting that he would die at the hands of a Stark. I thought it was perfect that Arya Stark tricked Walder Frey to eat his own sons. A man like Walder Frey deserves no mercy for what he has done in the Red Wedding. With Arya, a fully trained Faceless Man, on the loose, no one on her death list is safe, except Gregor Clegane because he is undead.

Finally, I am completely pleased with Daenerys Targaryen’s current position for a variety of different reasons. The main reason is because she is finally on her way to follow in her ancestor’s footsteps and conquer the Seven Kingdoms. Daenerys’s army was roughly 110,000 strong, but now that she has gained the loyalty of House Tyrell and Dorne, her army has more than doubled to roughly 240,000! The reason for this is because House Tyrell is capable of amassing an army of 100,000 men because they rule the most populous region in Westeros while Dorne has remained neutral throughout the War of the Five Kings so their military is at full strength at around 30,000. House Tyrell in particular is a tremendous boon for Daenerys not just because of their massive army. In addition to having the largest army in Westeros, House Tyrell is the second richest family in Westeros and govern the most fertile land in the country. Due to these factors, House Tyrell can fund Daenerys’s entire campaign while feeding her growing armies at the same time. So even before she begins her conquest, Daenerys already controls southern Westeros! Everything is going her way so far. I just hope she keeps up the momentum next season.


  1. Hi Grady, I really enjoyed reading your review. I finished watching the finale yesterday and I’m very pleased with where all the storylines are headed. How can a show just keep getting better and better haha? Great read, are you currently sharing your writing on any other movie/tv platforms?

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