Here is my family’s third pit bull, Macy Mae Brown. She is every bit as loving, loyal, and protective as Wally and Fitch. Like Wally and Fitch, she serves as a source of inspiration for me with my writing. While developing the character that will be based on my beloved pit bulls, I am thinking of adding aspects of her personality into the character. Essentially, this character will have Fitch’s discipline, Wally’s free spirit, Macy’s protectiveness, and all of their loving hearts. I look forward to getting to work on this character.

4 thoughts on “PIT BULL LOVE”

  1. I always love to know what food quirks dogs share. For instance, my beloved Rhodesian Ridgeback had a serious thing for popsicles, and it it was hilarious to watch her eat them. Pure Nirvana. My former dog, a beloved SharPei-Pit Bull mix had a strict kibble diet with only occasional “human food” treats. Her favorite was a buttered bagel, and if there was no bagel, the butter was fine without it. … Grady, you may remember me as the woman who taught you how to draw a wolf, when you were a wee lad. I’be been following you ever since, even if quietly, and I am so inspired by the adventure writer you have become. I am the oldest daughter of Andra Crossland, and I first met you around age 4, I believe. Best to you, fine young man. Leslie Allen

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