I recently saw a video on Youtube about a group of college boys conducting an experiment that involved mixing together different kinds of fart spray with skunk spray. The smell was so super-powerful that their gas masks were of little use. In addition, when they put the finished product, they put it into a secure container, but the smell leaked out of the secure container and spread throughout the office building, taking several days to dissipate.

After seeing how this mixture would be used as part of a prank, I wondered if such a thing could be weaponized. What if there was a weapon that had a smell so powerful that all who smelled it died instantly? With this in mind, I am thinking of applying this idea to a supervillain in my sequel series.

This whole idea reminds me of when I was in elementary school and I told stories through pictures in yellow tablets. In one such work, I depicted a skunk-themed supervillain. At the time because I was just a kid, I did not consider the possibility that a smelly weapon could be used as a murder weapon. Now, I get to revive this character in my sequel series and use the full potency of his smell-based weaponry.


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