Here is a sample from one of my short stories, The Young Guardians Chronicles: The Supreme Deity:

“When night fell, Vogan found himself sitting inside of a large opera house that was positioned in the middle of Venice. The building was modeled after an ancient gladiatorial arena with candles lighting the aisles. At the center of the theatre, an orchestra played music that warmed the souls of the attendants, while actors were portraying an opera based on Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy.

As he observed the play, Vogan was experiencing complex emotions that throbbed within every fiber of his being. Since it was first invented, Vogan had always felt a passion for the arts. It was one of the positive aspects of human culture that Vogan identified. Due to being as old as human civilization itself, Vogan witnessed the creation of countless forms of art, ranging from paintings, plays, and sculptures, among other things.

Whenever his duties with the Black Pantheon were not needed, Vogan would indulge in experiencing these wonders. However, a deep sadness crept into his mind whenever he considered the possibility of all that beauty and elegance disappearing forever. With this thought in mind, Vogan was determined to save every piece of art he could as part of his plan.

Returning his attention to the opera, Vogan felt a connection with the protagonist, Dante. They were both men who cared so deeply for the women they love that they would move heaven and earth for them. In Vogan’s mind, Katorra had always been his personal Beatrice. At the thought of this, Vogan’s mind drifted to the distant past once more . . .”


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