The traits that make an ideal spy are stealth, deception, and intelligence. We all know what a normal human spy is capable of from spy films, but what would a superhuman spy be capable of? The most obvious power that a superhuman spy would have would be invisibility, which would make you undetectable with the exception of thermal images. Still, since the superhuman spy would be undetectable to the naked eye, they would be able to infiltrate and gather intelligence easily. However, being unseen would be only part of what makes a successful spy because even if you are invisible, you still need to find a way get past obstacles without detection and invisibility would sometimes not be enough for that. With this in mind, another power that a superhuman spy could potentially have is phasing, which is the ability to move through solid objects like a ghost. Through phasing, one could walk into a heavily fortified building as though it were a walk in the park. Either of these powers would be useful traits for a spy and would put James Bond and Jason Bourne to shame. Overall, the idea of a superhuman spy is something that I will be tinkering with as I continue to work on my sequel series.


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