Tomorrow is the next episode of Game of Thrones and I have a number of predictions about what will happen. The synopsis of this episode is the following: “The High Sparrow eyes another target. Jaime confronts a hero. Arya makes a plan. The North is reminded.” Based on this synopsis, I can get a clear picture of what is about to unfold.

To begin with, the section of “The High Sparrow eyes another target”, may be referring to when the Sparrows begin their trial of Cersei Lannister. If this is the case, then it is possible that the truth about Tommen’s heritage will come out. When that happens, the Sparrows will come for Tommen and Cersei and everyone else who gets in their way. This may be when Lancel Lannister says, “Order your man down or there will be violence” and Cersei counters, “I choose violence”.

Secondly, the section that says, “Jaime confronts a hero” may be when Jaime tries to negotiate with Brynden “The Blackfish” Tully the surrender of Riverrun. I hope the outcome of the negotiation will end differently than the books because I hate the idea of the Freys ultimately winning after what they did at the Red Wedding.

Thirdly, the section that says, “Arya makes a plan” may refer to Arya’s attempt to escape the Faceless Men. Escaping the Faceless Men may be easier said than done because due to their ability to change faces, they are everyone and no one so anyone Arya comes across is potentially a Faceless Man. Because of this, I am concerned that Arya may not escape Braavos alive.

Finally, the section that says, “The North is reminded” may be when the pro-Stark Northern Houses rally to Jon Snow and Sansa Stark. This part of the synopsis is a clear reference to the saying “The North remembers”. I think Ramsay Snow is going to do something so terrible that the rest of the North will rise up against him. There are only two possibilities I can think of. The first is the one I fear most in which Ramsay “has fun” with Rickon Stark because we all know how Ramsay Snow treats his hostages. The other is if Ramsay Snow attacks the Night’s Watch. Roose Bolton did warn Ramsay that if he acted against the Night’s Watch that it would unite the rest of the North against Bolton rule. Ramsay is clearly hell-bent on attacking the Wall based on his threatening letter so if he flays every sworn brother the North will turn on him in favor of the Starks. In either case, the North will see either of these scenarios as the final straw to Bolton rule.

Overall, I look forward to seeing what will happen tomorrow. The North remembers!


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