I continued to monitor the progress of the Presidential Election of 2016, I noticed that Donald Trump’s rallies are becoming increasingly violent and chaotic. While observing the bloodshed at these rallies, I started to see a glimpse of what might happen to America if Trump becomes President. Because Trump is inspiring so much violence and hatred, he will mean the end of the United States. Due to this, I am thinking of drawing inspiration of this possible scenario for my sequel series in order to describe the rival faction that will rise to oppose the main interstellar government.



  1. I have to say this. In all of the footage I have viewed, I have seen violence initiated against Trump supporters much more than by them. Why is the other side not being held accountable for its actions? Those who claim to be against hate and violence are themselves resorting to violence. Their actions satisfy the definition of assault and battery, and their activities are clearly illegal. I am old enough to remember a more open intellectual system, and I have grown tired of an emotionally fragile and intolerant society in which people claim the false right of not being offended rather than claiming their ethical responsibility to think. Lest you think I am a Trump supporter, let me say that I am very dissatisfied with this year’s choice of candidates, both Democratic and Republican.

    1. I agree with you on the choice of candidates, but I learned on the news that there will be a third option: the libertarians. I do not know anything about what their party represents, but I will look into it.

  2. I remember Trump’s early rallies where he invited his audience to participate in violence against a handful of protesters (which are always present at everyone’s rallies). Violence begets violence. I’m not condoning it, but I think that’s how it started. I feel like the country is so split. It is sad.

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