From a political standpoint, I can see the potential consequences that can come from a superhero’s battles. Due to their immense powers, a superhero’s fight with a supervillain will inevitably result in significant loss of life and expensive property damage. This would cause a superhero’s reputation to fluctuate in the public’s eye from being a hero to a menace to society. As a result, there have been cases such as Watchmen, Civil War, and The Incredibles in which governments would pass laws that would either ban or regulate superhero activity. With this in mind, I am planning to reimagine my sequel series again into a scenario in which the Young Guardians as an organization have been banned by the interstellar government. I even thought of how this situation would occur. There is a specific war that has been mentioned throughout my sequel series, but has not been elaborated so far. What if the events of this war forced the Young Guardians into exile? However, without the Young Guardians to protect it, I can imagine that the interstellar government would become vulnerable to the cancer of evil. Due to this fact, I am thinking that one of the themes of my sequel series will be how the Young Guardians make a comeback and return from exile to protect the government that banned them.


2 thoughts on “CONCEPT: EXILED HEROES”

  1. I really like this idea. Regardless of the origin of superpowers, those of us without them would likely be fearful and resentful. And, as you point out, if those powers are exercised and result in loss of life, there is a whole new question of “who is responsible?”
    One can argue that the army is not called out to deal with bank robbers. However if bank robbers use tanks…then what?

  2. I agree. This scenario would open up connecting doors to that war, per se, while also expanding the personalities of established characters, as well as “bit players”. It sounds as if it would put a polish on problem/solution/result….requirements(??)….of a story line such as this…

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