As the years roll by, I start to notice how much my control over my autism has improved as I age. When I was younger, my mind was overflowing with so much activity that I could barely contain it. During this time period, I had little control over my motor skills. In fact, my earliest memory consisted of me spinning around in circles while shopping with my mother at the grocery store when I was in kindergarden. This lack of impulse control persisted until after I graduated from high school. By the time I went to college, my autistic impulse control had improved to the point in which no one would know I had autism unless I tell them. If I was able to acquire this much control over my autism this early in life, I cannot wait to see how much more my control will improve as I age.

3 thoughts on “MY THOUGHTS (PART 10)”

  1. Although I do agree having control over impulses is vital to a successful life, I tend to think I have too much control, stifling creativity at times. And although I say control will bring success, only to a limited point. I’m often pulling out ideas from my head as if they’re sticky toffee. I envy your ability to let creativity flow so freely.

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