Jon_Snow_(S05E05)   Ramsay_Season_6

After watching Game of Thrones for six years, I have made certain connections between a number of characters, particularly Jon Snow and Ramsay Snow. Upon examining the personalities and mannerisms of each character, I believe it can be safe to say that Jon and Ramsay are foils and polar opposites of each other since they are both bastards from two prominent Northern families, House Stark and House Bolton. In contrast, Jon Snow is honorable, compassionate, and just while Ramsay Snow is sadistic, insane, and cruel. Overall, Jon and Ramsay both embody the core nature of their individual Houses. Jon Snow represents House Stark’s sense of honor and justice while Ramsay Snow represents the sadistic delight House Bolton gains from their tradition of torturing and flaying their enemies. Because they are foils of one another, I can see a battle between them taking place in the future, which will be a good old-fashioned battle between good and evil. I cannot wait!

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