Something terrifying happened to me at work today. While I was shelving books, I noticed a suspicious man sleeping in one of the public chairs (which is not allowed in the library) and I informed our security guard. When I went back to work, a lady told me that someone left their keys by the printer. I went to see and noticed that it wasn’t keys at all but a retractable knife! Seconds later, the suspicious man who I caught sleeping picked it up. Fearing that he would use that weapon on either my coworkers or the patrons, I informed my superiors and the security guard and we confronted him together. When we told him to leave, he left and did not seem to care about carrying a concealed weapon in a public building. This was the most terrifying experience I had since my father and I nearly got sucked into a tornado during a cross-country road trip. Still, I am just glad that I was able to diffuse the situation before that man hurt someone. What a day!


8 thoughts on “AN EVENTFUL DAY!”

  1. Not knowing what the man would use the knife for is frightening. Still, judging from what you stated was his reaction, I would guess he’s just a homeless guy who uses the knife for a multitude of reasons not associated with violence at all, like cutting meat he finds in the garbage, or another survival-type task.

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