I have been developing an intriguing idea for my sequel series. In order for these new Young Guardians to serve as an evolution of the first generation, I was thinking of introducing a series of specialized martial arts to help them in their war against evil. These martial arts will allow them to utilize their powers while simultaneously using hand-to-hand combat. For example, if a superhero possessed fire manipulation, they would combine close-quarters combat with fire-based techniques such as fireballs or flamethrowers. The way these martial arts would be utilized would be unique to each superhero depending on which powers they have. In general, these hand-to-hand combat kills would be entirely dependent on the user’s improvisational skills. This would allow them to make usage of their superhuman powers more efficient instead of simply blasting away carelessly. I have reached a section in the first volume of my sequel series in which the main characters will be introduced to these techniques after completing their basic training.

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