The other night, I had the most unexpected dream! The origins of this dream most likely came from when I monitored the news. While watching the news, I also heard and saw all of the evil the organization known as ISIS had done to the world. I completely despise ISIS and everything those creatures have done! With every atrocity ISIS committed, my hatred towards them intensified and I wished with all my soul that this world had saviors who would punish psychopaths and sociopaths like ISIS. Eventually, my hatred towards ISIS and my wish for saviors fused into the dream that I had the other night. In the dream, I witnessed superheroes invading ISIS’s territory in the Middle East and systematically exterminating ISIS with absolute efficiency. I would see the immense power the superheroes would wield as they easily demolished ISIS’s infrastructure and the utter fear and satisfying helplessness ISIS would demonstrate when they face opponents they could not defeat. By the time the dream was over, I woke up in a depressed state with the realization that such saviors do not exist no matter how much I want them to. I hope that one day ISIS is exterminated and the threat they pose disappears, which I hope will be in my lifetime. Until then, all I can do is hate ISIS forever and hope that their evil will end for good.


Because many superhuman powers are tied to the wielder’s emotions, I have wondered what kind of superhuman would be the embodiment of rage. From personal experience, I know that rage is a powerful emotion and comes in all different kinds of shades. Sometimes the user would be like a berserker, so consumed by rage that they cannot tell friend from foe and will obliterate anything and everything in sight without any sense of judgement. On the other hand, there are rare cases in which the wielder is in complete control of their rage, which grants them the brutality of a madman and the precision of a surgeon. The first form of rage is undeniably strong and effective, but is unstable because it causes unnecessary collateral damage. The other form is preferable because it allows you to eviscerate your enemies with absolute efficiency. Both of these variants are full of potential, but I am thinking of creating a balance between the two in order to develop the supervillain who will represent Wrath of the Seven Deadly Sins.


I have long wondered what I would do if I was immortal. It is a wonderful thought to live forever and literally have all the time in the world. If I was immortal, I would want to remain the physical age I am now, but let my mind advance as the years roll by. We know how much history an individual would witness if they lived less than a century, but if I lived millennia, I would witness civilization and the universe evolve many times over. As for what I would do with all of that time on my hands, I would spend it writing until my head is empty of ideas because I have too many story ideas to write in one lifetime. Also, because Disney is going to expand the Star Wars universe forever and I am a devout Star Wars fan, I would read and watch everything they produce from it. In addition, I would travel the world every time it changes and draw more inspiration for my writing from what I would find. The possibilities are literally endless when you can live forever.


I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I have mixed feelings regarding the film. Part of me liked the multiple references that were made, but another part of me felt that it had no cohesive story. I enjoyed the special effects, acting, and references, but there the story was flawed beyond belief. What the so-called “writers” did to this film was attempt to mesh together references from multiple comic book arcs (which it relied too heavily on), but failed to create a story with any originality. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I could have easily written a better storyline than the so-called “writers” who made this film.

If this was the best the so-called “writers” could come up with for a DC universe cross-over, then I am both concerned and scared of how the upcoming Justice League films will turn out. The Justice League are among the most iconic superheroes in fiction and they deserve a proper sendoff, which was more than the so-called “writers” could provide for the DC Comics Trinity. What makes me more concerned is the upcoming Suicide Squad film and whether or not it will be better than Batman v Superman. While Jared Leto’s version of the Joker is overflowing with potential, I wonder if the story will be better than Batman v Superman.

While there were some elements to this film that were worthwhile, the overall film was disappointing. If my Young Guardians Series was made into films of this caliber, I would be apocalyptically cross. However, the choice of seeing this film is entirely up to you.


I have decided to add a new chapter into my sequel series. This chapter will involve the main characters developing teamwork building exercises. However, the main protagonist will form a certain rivalry with two of his teammates. One teammate sees the main character as someone who could provide him with the fight of his life while the other teammate feels that the main character’s powers challenge his own. Both of these individuals are going to have a sparring match with the main character and it will be two against one. As my sequel series unfolds, I realized that it will involve political thrills in a futuristic world. Politics is not my area of expertise, but I have developed a basic understanding of it over the past six years. I look forward to how my sequel series will develop in the future.