I have been thinking about Donald Trump in the Presidential Race of 2016. He reminds me of certain versions of the supervillain Lex Luthor who became President. In the Justice League cartoon, Lex Luthor became President, but created policies that nearly triggered World War III. This is the most likely scenario I can think of if Trump becomes President. With this in mind, I think Lex Luthor and Donald Trump are very alike in that they are billionaire businessmen with huge egos. The only difference is that Lex Luthor is a genius and Donald Trump is not. A dimwitted and egotistical man is unworthy of being President.


  1. I’ve recently been watching a lot of The West Wing and it got me wondering – why can’t America have a President like Jed Bartlet? Yes he is a fictional character but surely there’s someone out there with similar (if not the same) qualities and characteristics!

    1. Haven’t watched the show, but: American politics are savage. The Presidency especially must be the highest-stress job, well, ever: you literally have millions of people relying on you. I don’t know about you, but I consider myself a good person, and there’s no way that I would subject myself to either that rat race of a campaign trail, or the pressure of that job afterwards. I want to do good things for people, but I don’t want to kill myself doing it.

  2. And I don’t think Donald Trump would start WWIII. He’s an idiot, right enough, and he will do nothing good for the country nor the world; but there are too many other people involved who would have to catch his lunacy in order to bring the whole world crashing down. His damage will be limited to the office of the presidency, if he wins. Congress likely won’t agree with a single thing that he proposes, and so he’ll have to work exclusively through executive orders and propaganda — no, I mean rabble-rousing — no, I mean “leadership.” But his executive orders will likely be unConstitutional, and his “leadership” will not convince anyone who doesn’t already agree with him. So my guess is he will leave filthy stains all over the White House (Metaphorically and probably literally) and his nominations for cabinet and judicial positions will lead to some really bad policy decisions — especially if he nominates for the Supreme Court, a thought that scares me. No Armageddon, though.

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