Every government requires a military to defend its borders and quell uprisings. With this in mind, I am thinking of giving the interstellar government in my sequel series a collection of planets that are in charge of producing its military. To serve this role, these planets would have an environment that is purposely harsh and inhospitable. The reason for this is because it will guarantee the produce the absolute best soldiers and pilots it can offer. For example, these planets’ terrain would be similar to either a blazing desert or icy tundra, which would allow the best infantry to survive their training. As for pilots, I can imagine the atmosphere and orbit of the planets to be so turbulent and unpredictable that only the most skilled pilots can survive. Apart from combat training, these planets would have activities that involve the production of advanced armor and weaponry. In general, these planets will have a purely militaristic society even though they serve a democratic interstellar government.


  1. Two examples I can think of, off the top of my head:

    (1) “Metzada” in Joel Rosenberg’s “Hero” and “Not for glory”. A desert planet around Epsilon Eridani where life is effectively only possible underground.

    (2) “The Empire’s Corps” series by Christopher Nuttall has the space marine corps based on its own dedicated, very inhospitable planet

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