When my finals are over and summer begins, I intend to start reading one of the most classic science fiction books of all time: Dune. The reason for this is because I am a huge science fiction fanatic and since this book is a classic I am thinking of adding it to my collection. I watched the film adaptation from the 1980s, but I would like to see how the original story compares. I look forward to receiving a closer look at the inner workings of the Dune world and I will give my review soon.


6 thoughts on “FUTURE READING: DUNE”

  1. Looking forward to the review, and good luck with the finals… speaking of which… my own A level exams are drawing too close for comfort :p about 13 days from now that is… ~peace

  2. Loved this book and a great read to look forward to after the stress of finals is over. Hope all goes well for you and best wishes for the future!

  3. I`ve read them all Grady along with I,Robot (Isaac Asimov–who was a mathematics Prof. I believe at MIT) Lord of the Rings trilogy, Hobbit , and the Silmarillion !! With your imaginative tools you will find them as an oasis in the desert of non-fiction !! ENJOY!!

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