In one of my short stories, I developed one of my most intriguing characters: Kelly Vaughn. She is unique because she is an individual who is deeply religious and very spiritual, but at the same time she is emotionally vulnerable. After a family tragedy, Kelly is in a state of depression and when she receives her powers she became willing to pay any price to undo that tragedy. Her attempt to amend her loss had dire consequences that forces her to take matters into her own hands and redeem herself. The power set she possesses involves a natural affinity for magic and the occult, but the mystical knowledge in her mind is vast and disorganized so she can only cast spells at the spur of the moment through improvisation. Kelly essentially personifies a character who commits a crime against nature and seeks redemption after they realize the grimness of their mistake. If you wish to learn her story, click here.



  1. Hi, you probably don’t remember me but I read your blogs from time to time. You’ve been working on fantasy stories. Now, is the character name Kelly Vaughn part of that story? It’s interesting that you included a religious character. Thank you very much.

    1. Kelly’s story and the other short stories are tie-in stories to my main book series. She and three more characters in my short stories will appear in my upcoming fourth volume. The short stories are their introductions to my readers.

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