As I mentioned in my last post, I intend to reimagine the futuristic world in my sequel series into an interstellar government consisting of several star systems. While brainstorming on the design of this new world, I decided that every planet in the government’s territory would serve a specific purpose in its society. To begin with, I would like to discuss a planet that solely revolves around economics, which would be like a version of Wall Street that is the size of a planet. Because this planet would have an economic-based society, it would serve as the regulator of the interstellar government’s wealth and riches. With this in mind, I am thinking this planet would be ruled by corporations instead of politicians. For its setting, I intend to give it the appearance of a world that embodies wealth with nothing but high class citizens. Only time will tell if all that wealth and material possessions will make them greedy, decadent, and corrupt (which could make a good side story).


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