I noticed that an interstellar government that consists of multiple star systems is a common setting in science fiction. Such governments have appeared in Star Wars, Star Trek, Dune, The Expanse, and so forth. In such a government, every planet in its territory served a specific purpose in the government’s society ranging from economics, agriculture, art, industry, etc. I am planning for my sequel series to take place in such a setting in a section of the Milky Way Galaxy that will consist of a few dozen star systems. Because each of its planets would have certain specializations, I am thinking of each of my main characters to originate from planets in different corners of the government’s territory. This would explain how their unique backgrounds molded their personalities and caused their psychological struggles. This will also allow my superhero universe to possess a larger setting and give my protagonists more worlds to save. Developing this setting is an excavating process and I cannot wait to share my results!


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