As a devout Star Wars fanboy, I thoroughly enjoyed The Force Awakens, especially the female lead Rey. Some fans call her a Mary Sue because she became too formidable too quickly as a character, but I disagree with this belief. The reason for this is because there have been countless examples of Star Wars characters who rapidly develop their capabilities due to their connection to the Force.

For example, after Revan had his memories and power wiped away, he quickly regained his power to the point in which he could defeat the Sith Lord Darth Malak. The most well-known example is Luke Skywalker, who instinctively destroyed the first Death Star after first discovering his connection to the Force and later defeated Darth Vader after four years of minimal training. A third example is Ezra Bridger from Star Wars Rebels, who was a fast learner and grew into a relatively formidable Force-user with a connection to both the light and dark sides of the Force all within only two years of training.

With this thought in mind, Rey is no different than any of these examples. During his conversation with Kylo Ren, Supreme Leader Snoke mentioned an “awakening” in the Force. My belief is that Rey was the source of this “awakening” because it seems her potential in the Force is so great that it caused turbulence within the Force. Because of this powerful connection to the Force, it would make sense that Rey would develop swiftly as a Force-user just as Revan, Luke, and Ezra did. In terms of lightsaber skills, she has spent her whole life living on a lawless planet where everyday is a fight for survival. This, combined with her Force-enhanced senses and reflexes would explain how she was able to best a wounded Kylo Ren.

In terms of character, I like how her personality is similar to Luke Skywalker’s in that she is brave and compassionate, but also brash and reckless. I look forward to how her training with Luke Skywalker will change her as both a character and as a Force-user.


  1. I’m going to have disagree with this one. Now to start with I haven’t watched Rebels so I can’t talk about that, though of course Rebels to me always has the unfortunate connotation of them going to have kill off the main cast of a children’s cartoon before our eyes due to cannon. Something you think they would have learnt from Ashoka in ‘Clone Wars’ but then I didn’t watch that either so what do I know.
    Now as for Luke, lot’s of people are claiming these days that he blew up the first Death Star due to his connection to the Force and yes he did. Why else was ghost Ben there? “Use the Force Luke!”
    But people seem to be forgetting the earlier seen where the shot on the exhaust port is written off as impossible only for Luke to say that he and Biggs used to bulls-eye womp-rats in their t-16’s back home and they aren’t much bigger than two metres. Is this the same thing, no. But it shows some connection and some experience in this matter. Luke used the force but it only boosted his trained abilities he already had. Much as how Anikin was, due to the force, the first human to win the Boonta eve classic. But even then he didn’t win on his first try and they make mention of his several failed attempts prior to the movie where he didn’t even finish.
    If you’re going to mention his ability to blow up the droid control ship, please don’t. Yes that is slightly Mary-sue~ish and is one of the reasons people complain about him and thus is not something you want to be comparing a well liked character to unless you want people to moan about them too.
    Meanwhile Rey has according to her never stepped foot inside a spaceship before and is flying better than Han Solo ever did.
    As for Revan there are two main things to bear in mind. The first is the medium, we aren’t watching a film, we’re playing a game and so there is an expected build up to super-god status expected as you level up just as how Cloud goes from amnesiac soldier to God killer over the course of the game. The second is the claim you could make that Revan is relearning and thus a lot quicker than our other force sensitive protagonists. If you learnt to ride a bike and then didn’t ride for several years and decided to relearn with someone else who had never ridden a bike before you are probably going to be quicker as you remember stuff you once knew while they are tackling a whole new subject.
    Again if you like Rey then there is no problem with that and I’m glad that girls and women are seeing themselves on screen in a big budget sci-fantasy epic.

  2. I get so tired of people who call Rey a Mary Sue…
    I think this movie did a fantastic job with characterization. Abrams didn’t overload us with backstory and yet each character was unique. 5/5 on the characters! (I love Finn. Finn is amazing.)

  3. I agree with you. In real life, some people are “naturals” who seem to develop a particular skill easily. I found this aspect of her character distinctive and interesting, and there were plenty of “painful” developmental moments.

  4. After seeing the film my grown kids and I debated Rey and her connection to the force and where it comes from. She was a child who survived a harsh upbringing and thus had developed incredible instincts. The force would enhance those. Interesting post.

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