The other night, I had the most unexpected dream! The origins of this dream most likely came from when I monitored the news. While watching the news, I also heard and saw all of the evil the organization known as ISIS had done to the world. I completely despise ISIS and everything those creatures have done! With every atrocity ISIS committed, my hatred towards them intensified and I wished with all my soul that this world had saviors who would punish psychopaths and sociopaths like ISIS. Eventually, my hatred towards ISIS and my wish for saviors fused into the dream that I had the other night. In the dream, I witnessed superheroes invading ISIS’s territory in the Middle East and systematically exterminating ISIS with absolute efficiency. I would see the immense power the superheroes would wield as they easily demolished ISIS’s infrastructure and the utter fear and satisfying helplessness ISIS would demonstrate when they face opponents they could not defeat. By the time the dream was over, I woke up in a depressed state with the realization that such saviors do not exist no matter how much I want them to. I hope that one day ISIS is exterminated and the threat they pose disappears, which I hope will be in my lifetime. Until then, all I can do is hate ISIS forever and hope that their evil will end for good.


One thought on “I HAD A DREAM!”

  1. The entirety of the Middle East scares me to the point that I have a hard time watching the news about anything happening there. At the same time though, I feel such concern for Israel because, in many ways, I emotionally gravitate to the people of the country.

    I wish there were such superheros, but, of course, that’s pure fantasy.

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