I watched Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice and I have mixed feelings regarding the film. Part of me liked the multiple references that were made, but another part of me felt that it had no cohesive story. I enjoyed the special effects, acting, and references, but there the story was flawed beyond belief. What the so-called “writers” did to this film was attempt to mesh together references from multiple comic book arcs (which it relied too heavily on), but failed to create a story with any originality. I don’t want to blow my own horn, but I could have easily written a better storyline than the so-called “writers” who made this film.

If this was the best the so-called “writers” could come up with for a DC universe cross-over, then I am both concerned and scared of how the upcoming Justice League films will turn out. The Justice League are among the most iconic superheroes in fiction and they deserve a proper sendoff, which was more than the so-called “writers” could provide for the DC Comics Trinity. What makes me more concerned is the upcoming Suicide Squad film and whether or not it will be better than Batman v Superman. While Jared Leto’s version of the Joker is overflowing with potential, I wonder if the story will be better than Batman v Superman.

While there were some elements to this film that were worthwhile, the overall film was disappointing. If my Young Guardians Series was made into films of this caliber, I would be apocalyptically cross. However, the choice of seeing this film is entirely up to you.


  1. I totally agree with your review, I really hope that the Suicide Squad movie is better than this one, I feel like they tried to put too much in this movie and didn’t cover anything well enough

  2. I agree. I liked Ben Affleck as batman and Wonder Woman was good. But I didn’t like the superman parts. There was no sense of hope or even that he wanted to be or enjoyed being superman. I think the great thing about superman and batman are that they are foils to one another. This creates an interesting dynamic, which was missing in the movie.

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